Motherboard Repair

Motherboards control the following hardware such as Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad. If you’re experiencing issues with any of your hardware have our technician’s diagnose the issue. Often this is cheaper than swapping out

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your motherboard…

Do you experience the following?

1) system fails to boot.
2) unstable or locks up.
3) to boot and then reboot to get the system to P.O.S.T.
4) fans and power lights come on but the system still does not boot.
5) system reboots or shuts off while working on it.

If you experience those symptoms computer may exhibit if the capacitors or other onboard components are beginning to fail. We provide repair services and troubleshooting for all kinds of desktop PCs, laptops and computer peripherals such as MB, VGA card, HDD, RAM, ODD, power supply, etc.

Our Facilities and Repair Centre

Why you should send your motherboard to us for repair and maintenance:
We are experienced and familiar with all motherboard models.
Our technicians can troubleshoot directly to the problem.
We can also detect the worn out and nearly defective parts that cause most of the intermittent problems, so you can get your motherboard fixed right, the first time, and avoid damages by inexperience technicians trying to explore.

If you need further clarification, kindly please email to us at for further details.