Digital Cordless Phone
with Large Character and Backlit LCD Display


• Digital enhanced clarity
• 300m talk range (outdoor)
• Large character and backlit LCD display
• Ultra-low Radiation Mode*
• Handset speakerphone
• 20 name and number phonebook directory
• 10 caller number display**
• 5 last number redial
• 10 ringer melodies (5 polyphonic and 5 standard)
• Ringtone Assignment
• 10hrs talk time / 100hrs standby time
• GAP compliant
• Page / handset locator
• Auto answer
• Keypad lock
• Alarm
• Secrecy
* Ultra-low Radiation Mode – In talking mode, the handset automatically adjusts and minimizes its radio frequency power according to the distance between the handset and the base unit. When in charging position, the handset’s radio frequency power is reduced by 99.9%.
** You must subscribe to a Caller Display service for this feature to work.